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As my health has made it challenging to write as often a I used to, I decided to branch out and share in a video format! You can watch videos that are similar to what I write here!

I group what I share about in "Playlists" so you can find a topic easily. As my health allows, I am sharing about Migraine & Headache Awareness, Meniere's Disease, Helpful Tools to get through Chronic Illness, Everyday Life stuff, my #ThankfulThirty videos & more!

My first love is writing, so I will continue to write here, but I will be posting on my YouTube Channel more regularly! I look forward to connecting with you!

Video Blog Captions: For those who are hard of hearing or deaf, and specifically my friend, who lost her hearing bilaterally from Meniere's disease in the few short years that I have known her, I have make a special effort to make closed captioning an option on my video blogs. Just click on the "CC" box on the YouTube video and though the print might sometimes be small, it exists. Sometimes the videos are quite long and I cannot complete the CC right away. Automatic captioning is far from perfect & in my opinion has too many mistakes.  I will do my best to either get the CC up and running or give you a recap ASAP. My apologies ahead of time!

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  1. Thank you my dear. You are so sweet. I love you dearly.