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As my health has made it challenging to write as often a I used to, I decided to branch out and share in a video format on YouTube! You can watch videos that are similar to what I write here!

Wahle Warriors is a vlog that shares about my life and how disabling chronic illness affects me. My husband has chronic illness as well. We also share about attempting to have the best life and rising above our circumstances with chronic illness. Calling all warriors to join us! 
Chronic Illness Reality: Because You are NOT Alone;Join those with Chronic Illness/Pain in Learning How to Live Fully With Health Issues. I especially focus on Meniere's Disease and how we can get through life with chronic illness. I candidly share attacks I have had.

My first love is writing, so I will continue to write here when I can, but I am posting on my YouTube Channel muchmore regularly! I look forward to connecting with you!

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  1. Thank you my dear. You are so sweet. I love you dearly.