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Please come visit me on my YouTube channel!
Writing was my first love and I still love to write. As my health made writing more challenging, I branched out to video format.  

I used to have 2 channels but that was pretty confusing. So you can check me out at my ONLY YouTube channel which is the same as my name Kelly Wahle at Easy right?

I share vlogs where you can see how chronic illnesses, chronic pain and related disability affect my life and how I am determined to live an incredible life anyway. I also share fun informational videos about chronic illnesses and treatments. I like to chat about chronic illness hot topics and answer questions people ask me. 

What are you warrioring through? Please comment on a video or a blog that resounds with you. Its boring if I'm the only one talking!

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If you have warriortude, I have created the shirt/hoodie for you! 
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Hold onto Hope, 
Find something you LOVE about this day
Remember you are not alone! 

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  1. Thank you my dear. You are so sweet. I love you dearly.