Recommended Books

Below is a list of book I have either quoted from, referred to or recommended:
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-The Gift of Pain  by Paul Brand & Phillip Yancey
This was the first book that I chose to read about pain & Amazon says I purchased it March 2007.  I literally threw it at the wall or across the room more times than I can count. But I learned so much from a physician who dedicate his life to treating patients with leprosy which is a disease where one cannot feel pain.

-Bread for the Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith by Henri Nouwen This is a book I have owned for years. It is a devotional a day. I have it in paperback and also in Kindle. George and I will sometimes read it as our joint devotional for an evening.

-Surviving One Bad Year: 7 Spiritual Strategies to Lead You to a New Beginning by Nancie Carmichael  This is a fabulous book that was given to me by a friend after my husband attempted suicide, was in a coma and miraculously survived. It was a new life for me and it was a lifeline in the beginning but it took me a year to read it. I'm glad I took my time because I needed to absorb everything I read.

-I love Nancy Guthrie as an author. Here are books I have read, loved and highly recommend.
The One Year Book of Hope- First book I received after was disabled by Migraine Disease and got me through by giving me hope.

Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow- This book significantly changed my view on my own suffering and God's purpose and plan in it. I felt that no loving God could allow or ordain this suffering in my life. But, reading this book and especially the part about what Paul had gone through changed my way of thinking forever. If Paul went through so much suffering and still believed what he believed, then surely I can too.

Be Still, My Soul (25 Classic and Contemporary Readings on the Problem of Pain): Embracing God's Purpose and Provision in Suffering)- This book is one I'm currently in the middle of reading. Having so many different perspectives is incredible as it has opened my eyes to suffering and I highly recommend it to anyone who is going through suffering in any fashion or is curious about what different authors say about suffering. I've agreed and disagreed but ultimately learned a LOT. Fabulous book.

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