Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A New Chapter For Kelly | Chronic Illness Reality + Wahle Warriors

Writing and this blog is my first love and I have a fun announcement! Chronic health challenges have made writing difficult for me the last few years. Did you know that I am getting a service dog to help me with my balance and mobility disabilities?  I have painfully neglected Fly With Hope but NOT anymore!

Drumroll.... I've decided to incorporate my YouTube videos into this blog! (Scroll down to see two of my videos below!)  I had jumped over to YouTube and started creating video content as I found it easier to talk to a camera than to write. But I will be using this blog to expand on what I am sharing on YouTube as well as give some bonus details about the videos. YouTube has become a place where I update my loved ones and friends on how I am doing as well as share with others who have chronic illness and chronic pain.

My vlog, Wahle Warriors, is a channel where I share with you all what is happening in my life on a day to day basis! This channel is geared toward my loved ones, friends and anyone who has to warrior through anything, especially chronic illness & chronic pain, and looking to live a fulfilled life. I share about how my chronic illness and chronic pain affect my life while still having a good life!

Intratympanic Gentamicin Injection - Meniere's Disease Treatment | See Footage! {10-06-2017} shows when Kelly just recently got a procedure for her Meniere's disease.Watch me get get her 4th intratympanic gentamicin injection, with actual footage of the treatment in the video! I have been having a rough recovery from it as I relearn to walk as my balance system was completely thrown out of whack. The purpose of this procedure is to kill or at least harm my diseased vestibular system chemically in order to reduce the out of control vertigo that affects my quality of life so severely. This is the 4th time I've had this procedure and the length of time it has helped has increased with each treatment.

Chronic Illness Reality is a YouTube channel that has many videos already but the upcoming videos are going to have an more focused vision.  My videos are intended to help people with chronic illness to live a fulfilled life with chronic illness through tips and tricks videos, talking about chronic illness hot topics, as well as answering viewer questions about specific chronic health conditions. So far people have been asking a lot about Meniere's disease as well as IBS because I have a video showing when I experienced attacks.

Chronic Illness Has Taken Over My Life | I Need Help is a video where I share about living through chronic illness when it feels too challenging. You can hear about the tools I use to maintain a sense of control even when my chronically ill life feels out of control.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you do to regain control of your life when chronic illness has taken over? Answer in the comments here or on the video!

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Hold onto Hope, Love this Day & Remember YOU are NOT alone!

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