Thursday, August 27, 2015

Time to Catch-Up Vlog!

It has been a while since I have had a chance to catch you all up on what is happening in the lives of my husband George and me!  So George and I teamed up on a video to share what we've been navigating the last ten months geared more toward our family and friends who are interested in what has been happening with us. Please watch the the video below as we have lots of important info to share from beginning to end.

Last week (the week of August 16th) was pretty intense and there is some important information on which we need your prayers and support which is why we created the video. As of Thursday August 26th, we are still waiting for CT scan results and praying about treatment options. We realized we needed to just start sharing and this blog is the fastest way to share news.

I've been planning lots of blogs with videos and photos we've already gotten ready; yes George is in some of them! But as time is of the essence in getting this information out, this video is solely health related, but trust me we have a truck load of fun videos and photos of our adventures we plan on sharing in future posts.

We did not share this information with anyone but our parents at the time it was happening. So everyone is equally special in getting these updates in this timing!

We hope you will return the favor in "catching us up" with what is happening in your neck of the woods even if it is only one line in the comment section/on a text message/in an email! We want to hear how you are doing too! We have been off the grid for quite a while.


 (If you are deaf or hard of hearing please see THIS LINK on my closed captions policy.) To my buddy with bilateral Meniere's disease-I will get you a summary asap...probably not until next week. Sorry!

In closing, neither George nor I believe in comparing struggles. It is our opinion that if you have pain, it matters. Period. In our opinion, pain (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is subjective. No one else's experience can add or take away from your experience; we all go through hard times. Our hearts go out to anyone struggling right now. Keep Holding Onto Hope!

**If you are actively writing a blog, please post in the comment section so that I can reconnect with you as I lost my entire Blog Roll when I re-organized my site recently!

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