Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ever Wonder About My Chronic Illnesses? In Depth Posts To Come

Quite a bit of time has passed since I have shared an in depth discussion of my chronic illnesses. Interspersed among my regular posts, I will be sharing special posts on each chronic illness that affects me: explaining what the illness is (i.e. what caused it); sharing my history with the illness; describing how the illness affects me currently; discussing how the illness does or does not relate to others I have; discuss what treatments I have tried; share a general description of my current treatment regimen.

My hope is that these posts will remind others who have these conditions that they are not alone. I also hope to bring some clarity to those of you who feel a bit hazy about my health issues.

I have come to the realization that many people feel they do not necessarily know much about my illnesses, but are reluctant to ask about them because they feel like they should know -- especially if they have known me for a while. Additionally, when I get the question, "Haven't they found out what is wrong with you yet?" or when I hear comments about my personal health experiences that simply are not true, I realize I am overdue in sharing information about my health with my friends and family.

Since I withdrew from contact with people about 20 months ago, most everyone was left in the dark about how I was doing health-wise. I rarely communicated with anyone, including my parents. It was a survival mechanism. Time has passed and I am not in survival mode as much as I used to be, but I find it is taking more courage to be vulnerable than it did before George's attempt.

With God's guidance, I look forward to sharing the health issues that have taken up residence in my body. (I hope someday they will all be evicted!!)

If you have questions when reading about my health conditions, please ask! You can submit them in the moderated comment section or you can email me privately. These posts are for you.

While we are discussing questions about my health, if you interact with George, I highly recommend you ask George about how he is doing as a caregiver before asking him about how I am doing. As my caregiver and husband, my health issues are challenging for him physically and emotionally and he really does need to be asked even if he does not say much in response. Caregivers often get overlooked, and often need more support because they are shouldering the burden of caregiving. If you do ask George about my health issues, be prepared for a general answer as he says he is often unsure of what to share.

Today's Happy Thought: Casper, our senior Cavalier, who we rescued eight months ago, returned to the veterinarian who saw him three times in the first two weeks after we adopted him. Casper had multiple health conditions from abuse & neglect of being a puppy mill breed dog. She was extremely impressed with how changed he was physically and socially. Casper has become a D-O-G. If you have ever known a dog that has had the D-O-G taken from/beaten out of them because of neglect or abuse, you know how thrilling it is to see them move away from their trauma and into the life of a D-O-G.


  1. Ah the pups in their favorite spot- at your feet.<3 xo

  2. I can't believe I have so many of your posts I haven't read.

    I want you to know....I want to know more about your chronic illnesses.
    What caused some of them...I'm sure you don't know all.
    what you can/are doing to help yourself.
    just what's up with you my friend.
    I need to update my page about what ails me. Realized this recently when someone commented on my Meniere's page and it is way out of date.
    but it takes time from other catching up with you. I'd rather do that.