Monday, July 7, 2014

Ready to Write

For many months, I have attempted to write a transition blog post from my last post on June 6, 2013 to upcoming blog posts. I have struggled as to what to say. I have verbs and nouns and adjectives and adverbs and prepositions and pronouns and conjunctions and interjections that I am itching to share with you!  But none of the wordy drafts I have written seemed to do the job of saying:

Here I am and I'm ready to start writing and connecting.

Mission Complete. See you soon! 

Today's happy thought brought to you by six Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Casper (12), Giselle (7), Zuzu (7), Taylor (10), Gibbs (3), Zoe (6)
Casper, Giselle and Zoe my dogs and are all rescue dogs from Cavalier Rescue USA.
Zuzu, Taylor and Gibbs are my parents' dogs who were visiting.