Saturday, March 2, 2013

Laughing with Mein Schnecken

I have obviously not been posting. I've drafted some blogs, but because my philosophy in writing has been "write what you know"; the nature of what happening in my personal life is muzzling me and so I have been unable to write.  However I will return at some point, hopefully soon.

Among other things, I am suffering form severe depression and as anyone with depression knows, a dark veil covers one's whole world and not a speck of light is able to come in.

But wait, this is not about depression or anything else dreary so do not stop reading!

Tonight I was about to write a status update on Facebook (about celebrating the end of George's busiest part of his busy season at work: aka We Never See Each Other Season) and how I'm thrilled to be spending time with Mein Schnecken.

George is of German decent and each time he calls me on the phone or comes in the door for as long as I can remember, he calls up to me and says "Hello Liebschen!" Liebschen is German for sweetheart; it was one of the first things he said to me when he awoke from his coma in September. I am thankful to be called Liebschen many times a day; I don't think I hear him call me "Kelly" unless he is trying to wake me up.

So I of course I have a German name that I call him. I'm not sure how I chose it, but it the movie The Birdcage did have a part in it. This movie always makes me smile.
And for some reason I was under the impression that "Schnecken" meant honey bun or something similar.  But something inside of me said to check an German/English dictionary before posting about "Mein Schnecken" and I did and found out that "Schnecken" is literally the plural form of "snail!!" I laughed out loud so hard in a way I haven't in months. For years, I have been calling my darling husband "my snail" (or snails if you want to be literal)!

Later, George came home, I shared I what I had discovered and after a good laugh, we Googled "Schnecken." I was relieved that Wikipedia had THIS article at the top of the list saying that in fact Schnecken is a type of sweet bun that was served in the early 1900's by Jewish immigrants and the pastry is in the shape of a snail.

So I will continue to call George, "mein Schnecken," but we will always have a laugh about the snail part.

Man, it felt good to laugh like that.


  1. many take that action (or reaction) for granted. The ability to laugh is an amazing gift which can lift that veil of darkness, if only for a little while. I relish those moments of delight, especially when they are shared with my husband. Thank you for sharing your story of love and laughter amidst the pain.

  2. Laughter is such a relief, and can lift us up even in our darkest least for a little while.

    I understand the depression, perhaps not like yours, but when you mentioned the veil I thought of how I described how I was feeling recently. My body ensconced in a funeral shroud not being able to more, my vision obscured by the black lace covering my face.
    (no I'm not suicidal...but I have been pretty down..every time something happens that I think will help, it ends up going in the other direction.

    I've been worried about George since his ordeal in September, but it sounds like he is doing well. Thank goodness.
    Would love to hear more from you, but do understand if you aren't able or in the mind set. I haven't posted much on my blog or facebook in a while. I'm trying to do better.


  3. That is too funny! I love it when things like that happen. I have a memory bank of moments similar to yours and any time I feel down I'll relive those moments in my head and I can't help but laugh. And you've documented this one on your blog; smart! Thanks for sharing! :)