Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank You Thursday

I have been absent from the internet world, including blogging or keeping up on other bloggers, so I'm not sure if it is a weekly thing or just today, but I read a blog by Migrainista called "Thank You Thursday." I thought her idea was so wonderful that despite the type of day I have had, I would join in.

Dear Walter Elias Disney,

Hey, thanks for being the unique innovator you were. You sounded like a hard butt to work with and be around, but your talent, your innovation, your risk taking and your imagineering has created happiness that my husband and I constantly enjoy. From your first animated short, "Steamboat Willie" to your first feature length cartoon, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," and then to your first unique theme park, Disneyland, you initiated a world of imagination that has woven itself through my life and continued to bring me joy as an adult. And by the way, I'm glad your wife, Lillian suggested you'd name your signature mouse "Mickey" instead of "Mortimer." Wives know best. :)


You make some really rocking backpacks! I have used the same one for the last fifteen years and it is still holding up extremely well with the exception of some raggedy strings. The penny-saver in me felt that fifteen years was a good time to buy a new back pack. Yesterday, I bought a new one and I will sadly retire my older navy bag that had carried everything from high school books to honeymoon travel items, to hospital stay items. However I will keep this tired-looking bag in my closet rather than donating/throwing it out because hoarding worn-out things runs in my family. But back to the point, Jansport, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this new black backpack is as good a quality as the one my parents bought me fifteen years ago and has even more fun compartments!  Just wanted to say thanks for keeping your quality up over the years.

Dear Zoe,

I wish I could translate this into a way that as a dog you could understand, but I am sure you do in your own way.  Thank you for coming straight to me when I am having a panic attack without me calling for you. Thanks for digging your head under mine to lift it off the floor and keeping it there. Thank you for pressing your body so close to mine that I know you intend it to be calming and comforting. I know that my anxiety sometimes scares you, but you fearlessly and faithfully nestle into me. You must know you are integral part in bringing me out of the attacks. Thanks for being the gift you are.

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  1. Well, I know it's Friday, but consider this message a portion of Thank you Thursday. Thank you, Kelly Lynn Smith Wahle for being you! From August 1997 to now, you've proven to be one of my best friends and my favorite confidant!To date, you've served as my best friend, encouraging me to perservere despite all others biting commentaries about my aspirations.Further, you've taught me to find humor in myself- the difference between pop and soda. Also, you served as my nurse a few times. Most of all, you taught me to have faith when all else fails! I love you so very much!