Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tea with an Influential Journalist: National Migraine Awareness Month #2

Today's prompt: If you could invite someone (any living person) to your home for tea for the purpose of explaining Migraine disease to them so they would truly understand it, who would it be and why? 

There are so many people I would want to do this with: family members of Migraine friends, celebrities, law-makers. However, my top choice would have to be an influential television journalist such as Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters, both who have done influential television pieces on topics that people may not know about or understand. Barbara Walters did a piece on transgender individuals that gave wide-spread attention and understanding on a topic some circles may have seen as a "taboo" subject. That piece certainly enlightened me on something I thought I knew about but clearly did not.  Diane Sawyer recently did a powerful piece on Native American reservation and the atrocities that occur such as frequent suicide, 90% rate of alcoholism and the wide spread depression that has come over this group of individuals that live in our own country.

Unfortunately many people think they understand what Migraine disease is and so it is not something that tends to get attention by the media. But, I believe if I could speak with someone like Ms. Sawyer or Ms. Walters (with the support of other Migraine advocates), we could help either woman understand the misconceptions of Migraine, something people think they know about but do not really know about. After helping them truly understand Migraine disease, I believe seeing how many unique, exasperating and provocative stories of  millions of people who are affected by Migraine disease would be something a newscaster would see as a unique opportunity to share. Our story is a story untold that needs to be told.

In lighting a fire of passion of one of these influential journalists, I believe we could get more awareness, more exposure which would hopefully lead to education of their viewers and most vitally,  pressure on congressional leaders to make change for the better of us all.

Ms. Sawyer and Ms. Walters, you may take this as a formal invitation for tea at my home at your convenience. Though the tea cakes will have to be gluten free as it is one of my Migraine triggers!

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