Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Thoughts on Wish Lists for Migraineurs: National Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge #24

June is National Migraine Awareness Month.Today's prompt: Dear Genie: Put together a wish list for your life.

I am struggling with this prompt. My struggle with the prompt is that it can be a challenge to remain positive with chronic Migraines.

Well isn't making a wish list positive?

I think there is a potential for a wish list to be positive or negative and that depends on Migraineur's perspective when approaching the list. Sometimes, making a wish list as a chronically ill person only makes the person feel depressed because they cannot do what is on their wish list. But sometimes making wish lists are fun dreams that take us away from the confines of what limitations Migraines have put on us.

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For example, I have a wish to take a beach vacation with all my friends with Migraines on an island that is only for us where we have gorgeous sound proof beach front homes (unless you want to open the windows to hear the waves) and the water is the most beautiful blue we have ever seen. The weather would be perfect with no possibility of triggers, the temperature would be comfortable and the sunlight would dimmed enough so that we could all enjoy the outdoors. We would have immediate access to health care providers and treatments that would be easily accessible and without a wait. We could have as many complementary massages, acupuncture sessions, hot tub soaks, and trigger-free delicious food that we would want. Oh and by the way, the food would not make us gain a pound; in fact, it would help us gain/maintain/lose weight: whatever our needs are. It would be a time where we would be surrounded by those who understand; it would be full of relaxation, friendship, and lots of quiet laughter. Anyone wanna go? 

Wish lists may even provide motivation. When I wrote my long and short dream goals in early May and shared about them in my post, Improving Stamina With Chronic Illness: How I'm Doing It, I approached my list with the mind set that if I could do even one thing, that would be great, and I wouldn't judge myself for not being able to do the other things. Disappointment is natural, but embracing who I am, my limitations and all is essential for my well being and joy.

I have a lot of hopes and dreams and desires which are what "wish" is defined as, but I have learned through the course of the unpredictability and lack of control I often have over my chronic Migraines, that finding joy in what my life is right now, even when things are hellish, brings me the best quality of life for me and for my family. Even if the item of joy/thankfulness is very small in that moment (i.e. Being thankful that I have a cozy quilt to cuddle up under.)  

If you'd like to read the goals that I had set for myself you can check out my other post  Improving Stamina With Chronic Illness: How I'm Doing It.

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  1. great post..and im in for the holiday (migraibe permitting lol) x