Saturday, September 10, 2011

Migraine and Suicide: Links to Blogs

To conclude our series, here are links to blogs who have either written about their own experiences with Chronic Migraine and suicide or are discussing others' stories of Migraine and suicide. Always remember you are not alone and we are here as a community to support you.

  • Migraine and Suicide II by Heather at A Journey of a Migraineur is a discussion about a private conversation Heather and I had. She quoted me saying, "I want to live. But I don't want to live like this." She also discusses how depression is a disease and it is okay to be on medication for it.  
  • Signal Boost: Migraine and Suicide by Sharon at After Gadget is a post that reaffirms the need for the discussion of suicide as it relates to chronic pain. Sharon also discusses her own feelings of being suicidal at one point in her life.
  • About Suicide Prevention by Jeanne at Chronic Healing is a post where Jeanne shares what she learned in a class called safeTALK which stands for ‘Suicide Alertness For Everyone’/'Tell, Ask, Listen, KeepSafe.'  What she learned is a lot of information on how to help someone get the resources they need when they are suicidal. Great read for family and friends.
  • Miracle by Katharine at Healing My Migraines is a post from a couple years ago when Katharine was having some improvement in her anxiety and level of pain after a very difficult period. She discussed her feelings on how she had been at the end of her rope and didn't want to live in pain anymore.
  • Migraine and Suicide by Jamie at Migraine: Living in Pain is a post where Jamie shares a time when she attempted suicide and wound up in the ICU. She wants others who may have had a similar situation to know that having feelings in the darkness is nothing to be ashamed of and to speak out when you are feeling that way because you are not alone.
  • migraine kills by Grieving Mom at My Migraine Connection is a post by a member who's son took his life because of Migraine pain was not relieved and he could not find any hope. Take time to read the comment section as it is very moving.
  • Migraine, Stigma, Suicide, Stop! by Nancy Bonk at My Migraine Connection is a post where Nancy asks why aren't we stepping up as a community to fight for the research dollars we need as Migraine is the 12th most disabling condition in the US? A very emotion-filled post written after a man who was told he had to live with his pain took his own life. The point being that this is a deadly disease and we need to fight for it.
  •  Do You Ever Wonder? by Wendy at Picnic With Ants is a post from earlier this year when Wendy discussed a very difficult day she had and was very honest about how she felt.
I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog series. Your effort has meant so much to me and I know will touch many many people. You are wonderful! All my love and support to you!
Fly with Hope!

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