Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chronically Living

I am participating in the Patients For a Moment blog carnival. The challenge is to wordlessly tell the story of our lives with our chronic conditions. Press play to start. (To view the images full screen, click the arrows on the bottom right. The photos get a bit blurry, but they are bigger.)


  1. Wow Kelly, that was really powerful. It's amazing how much can be said without uttering a single word. I applaud you for your bravery and tenacity. It takes a lot of strength to endure all that you do. I don't have as many ailments as you do and I know how difficult it is trying to manage my Migraine disease, depression and anxiety all at once. You obviously have a great support system in your husband George, your family and your dogs! I'm very proud of you and you are a great inspiration.

  2. Kelly, thanks so much for sharing. You are such a trooper. I'm so thankful that you have such a strong support system. You are such a blessing. :)