Friday, March 25, 2011

Preparing For Battle

I have an upcoming surgery: Endolymphatic Sac Decompression Surgery on this Tuesday, March 29th. We are hoping that this surgery will relieve the disabling vertigo I have been having which seems to be caused by Meniere's disease. I have many concerns. I am not looking forward to major surgery or general anesthesia. Nor am I looking forward to having a hole drilled into my head. Hasn't my head been through enough?

But, I just read a passage yesterday that encouraged me. I was reading a devotional in a book called One Year of Hope by Nancy Guthrie. She shared Ephesians 6:10-18. It is a passage that discusses how we are to put on God's armor to protect us in battle. As my surgery has been approaching, I have been faced with so much uncertainty and great anxiety. Even though I have asked many questions of my neuro-otologist, spoken with a dear fellow blogger, Wendy, who has shared with me her experience with the surgery, researched it on the internet and actually watched a video of the surgery, I still feel very unprepared. I do not feel I know what to expect after the surgery happens. Will I be one of the people who recovers quickly and with little pain? Or will I be one of the ones whose pain goes on for weeks and recovery is slow? How will my Migraines react? Will I go into rebound because of the pain killers I'm taking for the surgery pain? I don't know.

But, reading Ephesians reminded me how to prepare for a battle. And, with my anxiety, I need a plan of how to prepare for the uncertainty and unknown of what happens Tuesday and beyond. So, here I will paraphrase the passage by writing how I will be preparing myself to face the unknown.

-Stand your ground.
-Put on the sturdy belt of truth
-Put on the body armor of God's righteousness
-Put on the peace that comes from the Good News
-Use faith as a shield
-Put on the helmet of salvation
-Take the sword of the Spirit (the word of God)
-Pray at all times.

What does this mean for me? I will lean on the strength of God to get me through. When I am scared, have doubts or concerns, I will remind myself of God's truth that he loves me. I will tap into God's peace as I struggle through. I will hold firmly to my faith. I will read the bible and my devotionals to keep me close to him and his thoughts. And I will pray at all times to get me through.


  1. I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best with this surgery.

    Please keep me posted. If you need to vent you know where I am.

    I hope this is a breeze for you, but I understand your concerns.

    You are a strong lady! You've been though a lot, hopefully this will make things easier for you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Thanks Wendy for the encouragement, thoughts and prayers! Will let you know how it goes. :) <3

  3. I just subscribed to your blog after your posts on the migraine sounds like we have a lot of the same thoughts and struggles! I'll be praying for you and the surgery; I know that's scary! You've got a great attitude about it, and I loved the verses you quoted. I'll try to remember it for myself, as well. Good luck, and remember that God will be there with ya! :)

  4. Oh Laci, I am flattered! Thanks for subscribing! I look forward to getting to know you better too! What is your "name" on the forum? I'm still recovering from the surgery and just returning to the internet, but I hope to be posting more soon. Hugs

  5. I go by "dizzygrl" on the forum. :)

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I've been thinking about you a lot. How did the surgery go? Any improvements?

    You are always in my thoughts, hoping you are feeling better.