Friday, April 3, 2009

Letters to Myself

I have started writing letters to myself.

These letters are from the self who has seen some recent improvement in her Migraines/New Daily Persistent Headache to the self who is scared and despairing because she is so ill. Writing letters to myself helps me emotionally in the middle of the rough spots when can only see the storm clouds around me and cannot see the clear skies that follow.

Who better to encourage me, than me? I know exactly what I am going through. I know what's going on in my heart. I know what I need to hear. Encouragement and support from others are also keys in getting through those tough times. However, it is inevitable that I will be alone in my illness at one point or another, even if people are around. Sometimes it can feel like no one understands. But, I do. So, I can speak resounding words of truth and hope. These letters remind the self who is without hope that she can and will endure. The following is one of the letters I have written:

You may be terrified and ridden with despair. You may be unable to fathom how you can get through this and to the other side. Let me reassure you - you will. Open your heart to God. Listen. He loves you more than any other. He can be trusted. He will get you through, even if you don't believe or can't see it. Pain is skewing your perspective. But, your pain does not have the last word. God does. Let him in. Seek him. He is there ready to hold you and bring you his shalom - peace. Love, Kelly"

What do you to mentally/emotionally get through the rough spots of your illness(es)?


  1. I need several diaries - one is just the facts, Ma'am, for the docs and also for me to be able to see how I'm doing, what helps - i also use colors for degree of pain and note triggers. Then there's my total venting journal - just for me - then there's my blog which is sure a great place to talk about burning steel wool! (Made me laugh there!)

  2. I smiled when I read this. Last summer I started writing to myself when I felt well so that the voice I heard when I was hurting would have some truth to read. Thank you for sharing your letter. I once heard that we hear three voices. God, satan and ourselves. and two of the voices are wrong. Again, thank you for pointing to Our Heavenly Father. You never fail to reinforce my faith that walking with Him is all I need. Blessings, lisa