Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Faith-Based Books for Facing Chronic Ilness

Over the past few years, I have come across a few faith-based books that have helped me tremendously in my journey through chronic illness.

Here are a list of a few of them. The first three specifically address facing chronic illness and/or physical pain. The last two address suffering in a broader sense.

-The Gift of Pain: Why We Hurt & What We Can Do About It by Dr. Paul Brand
-Facing Pain, Finding Hope: A Physician Examines Pain, Faith, and The Healing Stories of Jesus by Dr. Daniel Hurley
-When We Hurt: Prayer, Preparation & Hope For Life's Pain by Phillip Yancey

-Walking with God on the Road You Never Wanted to Travel by Mark Atteberry
-The One Year Book of Hope by Nancy Guthrie

Do you have any faith-based books that you would recommend that have helped you live with chronic illness?


  1. Kelly,

    I don't have books to recommend, but I just found your blog (thanks to The Daily Headache's blog roll) and I wanted to say hi. I'm a fellow migraine sufferer, although mine aren't as severe as yours. But I know your pain and I am thankful for your positive outlook, particularly your Christian point of view. I'm a fellow Christian as well, and I struggle with the whole idea of living with so much pain. But I'm excited to have found your blog. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you and HEAL us both! :)


  2. *When God Weeps* -Joni Erickson Tada

    She became a quadriplegic in a diving accident as a teenager. She went on to found an organization to minister to children with disabilities (Joni & Friends) and has written a number of books, including her autobiography and this one, which ponders God's hand through suffering.

  3. I will definately look into the books you recommended, thank you! This winter I was still "accepting" my "chronicness" and read Why by Anne Graham Lotz and When God Doesn't Make Sense by Dr Dobson. There were a few chapters in both hitting home to accepting suffering and when prayers are not answered how I want them answered! Stubborn, human me. I want to read your next entry about your hospitalization but my head will not allow more computer time right now.

    How much snow did you get yesterday? My sons built two snowmen, one is slowly melting. The other was used for batting practice after school today.

    Blessings, lisa (having trouble logging on)

  4. Heather, I'm so happy you said hi! I can definitely identify and also struggle with the idea of living with so much pain. I read the most recent post on your blog. I plan on reading more. :) Thanks again for the comment!


  5. Thanks, Rachel for the recommendation! I think I might've read a devotional by Joni Erickson Tada maybe 10 years ago? I can't find it in my bookshelf, but I'll check that one out!
    By the way, how are you doing? You've finished your comps, right?

  6. Lisa,
    Thank you for your recommendations! I have not heard of either of those. "Why" is a question I seem to be asking a lot lately. For a while there it was "how?" How do I get through this? But now it is: Why is there suffering at all? That book sounds like a good one for me.

    And don't feel compelled to read each entry. Sometimes just writing about it helps me to process through it, even if no one reads it... But I am happy when I land on topics that we can have discussion about too. :)

    When I was half-awake and heard my neighbor's snow blower, I thought it was an airplane landing in our yard! I was very surprised when I looked out the window to see everything covered in snow! I thought we might get a dusting, but not the several inches that we did! DH said maybe we got 5-6 inches? I didn't go out, He did. I am glad your kids had fun!